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Roof Restoration

Why do you want to replace your entire roof when we can provide roof restoration services? The High End Roofing is a market leader in offering superior quality roof restoration services in Brisbane, Australia. Having over two decades of experience in the roofing industry, we introduce workmanship and reliability to our products. Restoring your roof with a wide range of colors can add significant value to your property while giving a fresh look and warmth.

Whether you are using diverse tiled roofing, flat roof or pitched roof using asbestos, and appears to be worn-out and wanting to give a renewed look, we ensure to brighten up your house.

Our solutions can be customized for residences, commercial, industries, shop owners, corporate companies, SME firms, healthcare sector, warehouses, and for a broad range of audience in Brisbane. We have delivered efficiently built projects with highest-quality materials for longer life span and durability against tough weather.

With so many varieties of roofing products available in the stores, you might need the right advice to restore your roof with a superior product. Our talented professionals recommend using Bluescope Steel, Zincalume, and colorbond materials to give good care for your property as well as beautify your Brisbane homes. Our experts assess your property and make suitable suggestions to give your home a refreshing look.

Roof Restoration Process Brisbane

With diverse shapes and sizes of buildings, we have maximised our roof restoration solutions to suit every style, preference, and needs. Our roof restoration process begins with inspecting the roof to understand the type of roof, an area covered, the material used, total interruptions like a chimney, vents, and dormers, solar panels, tiny gutters due to water leakage, and costs involved.

In the next phase, we thoroughly clean your roof to remove unwanted dirt and fungus, following which we apply a sterilising coating solution. This solution is prepared in-house by our team to enhance the robustness and avert the re-growth of roof fungi.

We use roof panel ridge caps to cover the corner of roof sheets. For effective roof restoration, we provide corrosion protection and finally, applying two layers of prime coating to recolor your roof. These layers of coating assure long lasting protection and easy maintenance. This solution of roof restoration transforms your unpleasant homes to a gorgeous looking home.

With over 20 years of experience, we offer timeless designs and help in improvising your home. Are you located in Brisbane, QLD and willing to know our roof restoration solution, you can contact us any time during business hours.

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  • Having 20 years of vast experience in providing efficient roofing solutions to serve the needs of our customers
  • Demonstrates a great skill of craftsmanship to ensure that the job is completed with precision
  • A team of well-trained professionals to render simple and quality services without any delay
  • Listen to unique requirements of clients and make sure to develop roof restoration and installation process tailored to withstand extreme climate conditions
  • Without any fuss, we get your job done within the specified duration
  • We pride ourselves in fixing your core problems of your roof and provide protection to your assets

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42 Audrey Avenue, Monterey Keys

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